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The device transmits data to the Dyna-Vision Server from where it can be accessed by the Software and Smartphone Apps for near real-time monitoring of:

  • ECG (3, 5 and 12 leads)

  • SpO2

  • Photoplethysmogram

  • Respiration

  • Skin temperature

  • GPS position 


Dyna-Vision has built-in Wi-Fi and 3G communication for unparalleled connectivity with the remote caregivers.

Monitoring Devices

Monitoring Software & Apps

The device transmit data to the Dyna-Vision Server from where it can be accessed by the PC Software and Smartphone Apps for near real-time monitoring of the ECG and vital signs.

The software display provides near real-time traces, trends, graps and the includes configurable alerts for each of the collected parameters. It has many features such as data collection, cardiac event analysis and a variety of PDF reports.

Alerts are displayed in color-coded message boards and audible notifications can be configured. 

Our digital data output allows for interaction with third party messaging systems to escalate alerts to any connected caregiver.

The PC software works on Windows 10 and the Apps are available for Android and iOS.

CasperPatch sensor

The CasperPatch™ is a sensor with 5-lead ECG and Skin Temperature used for continuous realtime patient monitoring.


The CasperPatch™ is placed on the chest and has a cable with a connector that can be used with virtually and patient monitor.


The CasperPatch™ is waterproof and lasts an average of 5 days. The patch with cable and connector is a single part and fully disposable to reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAI). This makes it the ideal solution for monitoring patients from admission until discharge and beyond.

Key specifications

Key benefits

Light weight: 250 grams


ECG and vital signs in single device

24 hrs Wi-Fi on single charge

Built-in Wi-Fi and 3G: works everywhere and anytime

Near real-time transmission and monitoring

Configurable alerts for each parameter

Alert escalation to third party platforms

Automatic Early Warning Score*

Digital bi-directional data with EHR's 

Works with unique ECG and SkinTemp patch

Early recognition of deteriorating patient condition 

May avoid adverse events and readmissions to ICU

Seemless and flexible ambulatory patient monitoring

User interface optimized for ease of use on floor 

Patient monitoring no longer exclusive to CCU

Any patient can now be kept under full surveillance

Unique sensor to reduce false alarms

Avoid HAI's and increase comfort of patients 

Increase comfort of the caregivers

See more and Act Faster

Fast track your escalation protocol

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