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24% of vital signs 

taken manually are not correct or not registered

In 77% of adverse events, vital signs were not measured in the preceeding period


Studies show that 80% of adverse events can be avoided by continuous monitoring


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Techmedic brings you the Dyna-Vision Telemonitoring System for



The Dyna-Vision Telemonitoring System is an all-encompassing solution for near real-time remote patient monitoring. The system comprises an ambulant medical device with built-in Wi-Fi and 3G, Cloud Server, PC software and Smartphone Apps for ECG and vital signs monitoring, analysis and reporting. 


Dyna-Vision  is used for a number of remote patient monitoring applications. A selection of projects is made available on this website. Dyna-Vision 

eliminates limitations to where and when a patient can be monitored. It is a true telemedicine solution that offers remote patient monitoring anywhere, anytime.


The Dyna-Vision Telemonitoring System is used by many clients around the word. A selection of our clients can be found on this page. Our users are hospitals, nursing homes, medical centers, telemedicine centers, ambulance and EMS services and others who have a need for near real-time monitoring of ECG and vital signs. 


Techmedic is a privately owned company with a long-standing experience in medical device development having a unique solution for ambulant near real-time remote patient monitoring. The products are aimed at reducing the risk for adverse events, reducing length-of-stay in the hospital and improving the overal level of care for the patients.


Key users of the products are hospitals, medical service providers, nursing homes, residential care facilities, ambulance services and private healthcare services. The company works with a number of respected universities and partners with specific knowledge in the field of telehealth. Techmedic can proudly state to be the only company offering a fully certified medical technology with built-in Wi-Fi and 3G communication that allows near real-time monitoring regardless of geography.

Techmedic complies with all applicable standards.

The products have CE mark and 510(K).


The Dyna-Vision System is a flexible and ambulatory patient-worn monitoring solution that goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional patient monitors. It helps enhance patient care by providing wireless and near real-time monitoring and clinical decision support aiding caregivers on the general floor in the early recognition of patient deterioration.


This innovative, easy-to-use, and multi- purpose monitoring solution offers 3-, 5- and 12-lead diagnostic ECG, Heart Rate, SpO2, Plethysmogram, Respiration, SkinTemp, and Continuous Non Invasive Blood Pressure*.  


The Dyna-Vision device is a continuous transmitter that uses built-in Wi-Fi and 3G radio's for reliable

longer-term ambulatory monitoring, and its Early Warning Score (EWS)* feature allows the Dyna-Vision device to immediately detect vital changes with high accuracy.  The ECG arrhythmia detection supports non-stop surveillance of cardiac patients regardless of where they stay in the medical facility.  


Because the Dyna-Vision device also embeds 3G for near real-time transmission, it is highly suitable for seemless and uninterrupted monitoring of patients from their homes. The Dyna-Vision Telemonitoring System offers reliable monitoring for and between hospitals, nursing homes and the patient's home.



Techmedic USA

9070 Chauvet Way

Boca Raton Florida 33496



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